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Get to Know your Scoopers

Since 2021 we have been serving the Grand Strand with quality, professional, and friendly pooper scooper services. The goal? Making your yard a better place one scoop at a time.

With over 25 years combined in public safety, both government and private sector we can ensure a great experience when you choose Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC.


A veteran, law enforcement, and fire/rescue owned company(wow, that's a lot), we subscribe to ideals like Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Honor, Courage, and Commitment. We know integrity, we know community service, we know commitment and we have the courage to know when a mistake is made and make it right.

We are dog people just like you. We have had two dogs for 8 years plus dogs throughout both of our lives as well. To us, your dog(s) come first. We will ensure a clean yard for you and your dogs because we have experienced the headache ourselves. Our end goal is to be the best pooper scooper company we can be for you.

Meet The Team

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