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What's the scoop with Coastal poop? - Who is Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC

So you found us online and you're wondering, just who is Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC and what service do we provide?

We are a full-service pet waste removal company specifically focused on removing dog waste from outdoor green spaces. Now you're wondering, why would we offer a service like this. Here in the Grand Strand, we have huge up-and-coming neighborhoods, with thousands of new residents each month. Among these are a large number of dogs. If you have a dog you no doubt have at least been to a park, a dog park, or a large common area space and have noticed a dog waste issue. We aim to mitigate that mess, especially with multi-family properties such as apartments and condos. Unfortunately, we just can't rely on pet owners to always be responsible.

Dog waste is also a carrier of multiple types of bacteria and parasites which, left untreated can contaminate the ground area around it, spreading to dogs and also humans. So, that is the down-and-dirty scoop with Coastal Pooper Scooper. We are here for your residential and Commercial dog waste removal needs. Licensed, Insured, and professionally trained.

If you have a need we would be grateful to be your full-time professional pooper scooper. Plus, we just really want to play with all the dogs.

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