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Residential and Commercial Pooper Scooper Services

What you'll get;

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On the way​


Off Schedule

Waste hauled away

Sanitized equipment using a kennel-grade disinfectant.

Your field technician will check everywhere. Grass, flower beds, mulch, rocks, decks, patios, and anywhere else your dog likes to do their business outdoors.

Dog running on Myrtle Beach


Weekly Clean

A regular recurring service great for dog owners with 1-2 dogs. Regular clean-ups will help reduce contamination of your yard and potential health hazards for dogs.

Twice A Week Clean

Great for more than 2 dogs. This more frequent service will keep your yard clear of dog waste, reducing the risk of sickness and environmental impact.

Bi-Weekly Clean

Great for reducing waste and contamination in the yard when needed. Usually 1-2 small dogs or dogs that do not produce much waste.

Once A Month Clean

Are you and the dog out of town often? A once a month clean may be all you need.

One-Time Clean

Hosting a party? Moving? Temporary injury? One time cleans are perfect for the rare situation when you just simply need the yard scooped.


A monthly or one time add on. Deodorizer is great for yards that may suffer from stubborn urine or poop related odors

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Dog's at an apartment complex after freshly poop scooped and pet waste stations cleaned.

Commercial / HOA / Apartments / Dog Parks

Our pet waste removal services are ideal for commercial areas, HOAs, apartment complexes, condominiums, dog parks, or any property management company needs. We offer weekly or as needed scooping of pet waste, installation of pet waste stations, maintenance of new or existing pet waste stations, disposing of waste bags, restocking waste bags and pickup bags. With our pet waste station service, we can get your property the service it needs in no time and help maintain a cleaner, more community friendly green space around your property.
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Bucket Service

Regularly pick up after your dogs? Avoid the unpleasant smells in your trash can and garage by utilizing our weekly or bi-weekly bucket service.

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