Your best choice in the northern Grand Strand. Proudly Veteran Owned and Operated.

Your go to for outdoor pet waste removal. A pet waste free yard is a happy yard, and happy owners too. Give us a call today to reclaim, and maintain your pets outdoor space.


Coastal Pooper Scooper began when we realized the severe amount of dog waste left in city parks, HOA common area's, yards, and even the beach.

Are you fed up with tip toeing around when walking your dogs? Tired of cleaning the bottoms of your shoes every time you misstep?

It's not just the inconvenience of excessive pet waste, it's a health hazard too. Excessive pet waste doesn't just decompose like anything else, when it does, it grows harmful bacteria and paves the way for E. coli, hookworm, parvo virus and many other bacteria and disease harmful to dogs and even humans. For the safety of your dogs, and the people in your household, let us help you to keep a clean waste free yard.


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What We Do


Weekly waste removal

Once a week pick ups

We will service your yard once a week to remove your dog's waste and help to keep your yard usable for outdoor activities.

One time clean ups

For the more difficult circumstance

Need a one time dog waste clean up for an event? Or have you gone away for business or vacation? We also offer one time clean ups if the task is to large.