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pet waste removal Policy

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC Terms of Service

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before you agree to dog waste
removal services from Coastal Pooper Scooper

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC schedules all clean-ups in specific areas on specific days in order to best accommodate an efficient route and maximize the number of clients we can serve. Specific appointment times and dates will almost certainly not be accommodated. IF Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC can make the accommodation, every attempt will be made. Automated text messages including an “on the way” and “completed” text will be sent before and after each service. This is required to reduce the risk of dangerous or temperamental dogs being in yards during service.

If Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC must cancel an appointment for any reason that is not the fault of the client then monetary credit for the missed service will be given. Appointments canceled by the client due to yards being serviced by landscapers, etc. will still be billed the full amount due to the amount of yard waste remaining the same. Exceptions may be made. For example, vacations in which the dog(s) travel and do not use the yard.

Termination of Service
You may discontinue service or change your service at any time. At least a 24-hour notice prior to an appointment should be given for Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC to acknowledge and make the changes.

Locked Gates
If the technician arrives on the scheduled appointment day and does not have access to the yard due to a locked gate, the client will still be charged for the service to compensate for the technician’s time and fuel. The technician will make an attempt via phone call and text message to gain access prior to leaving.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC provides its service during a variety of weather conditions. Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC may cancel a service due to inclement weather conditions such as heavy rains, thunderstorms, hurricanes, strong winds, etc. If Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC must cancel a service due to the weather the service will be rescheduled for the same week, preferably the day before or after the scheduled service day. If unable to accommodate a rescheduled date, monetary credit will be given as stated in Cancellations.

Yard conditions
The client will, to the best of their ability, keep their yard free of debris such as excessive leaves, pine straw, or excessively tall grass, weeds, holes, trash, and other excessive obstacles. These obstacles can lead to injury for our field technicians as they may not be able to see where they are stepping. Field technicians will attempt to clean areas in these conditions but will not be obligated to for their safety. If the entire yard is in poor condition, the field technician will make the determination whether to skip the service.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC understands certain landscaped areas may include items such as pine straw, rock, and other various landscapes and will to the best of our ability service these areas.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC will work with dogs in the yard. We are dog friendly and enjoy getting to visit with our four-legged clients. Technicians will ensure gates are secured both during and after service. Please ensure your dog is friendly WITH STRANGERS. If not, the technician may ask that the dog(s) be taken inside. If the technician is not comfortable with the dog(s) in the yard and they are not able to be taken inside, then the service will be skipped.

If the number of dogs increases or unfortunately decreases, please notify us as soon as possible so we can adjust your subscription cost appropriately.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC will park on the street in front of the client’s address, when possible, not in the client’s driveway, unless street parking is deemed unsafe, or the property is set far back from the road.

Waste disposal
The cost of waste disposal is included in the service price. Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC. will haul away all pet waste that is collected during the service. We make every effort to ensure our clients do not see, smell, or dispose of the waste themselves.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC will disinfect all tools used in servicing each yard. The sanitation will occur in between each yard and/or as needed. Kennel-grade disinfectant is used to ensure maximum sanitation is achieved for the safety of our clients and their pets.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC accepts credit/debit card, check, or cash payments. Cards must be saved to the client’s account in the client portal for automatic payment and NET 1 (one day after invoice) billing upon invoice creation. Check or cash payments will be given NET 15 to allow time for the postal service if payment is mailed.

Billing will occur on the first day of each month in advance of services provided during the month.

Payments declined for any reason and not corrected prior to your first service will result in an immediate pause of your subscription until payment can be made. Service will then resume as normal. Invoicing is currently through our client portal “Sweep and Go”. These emails are sent via When a payment fails, the client portal will send up to 3 reminder emails from this email address with an explanation of why payment has failed.

Additionally, there is a 3% service fee attached to each invoice, based on the subscription price. Add-on services are excluded.

Unpaid invoices may be subject to collections if deemed necessary.

Subscription Price Changes
At times your quoted price may be inaccurate if after our initial cleaning, we determine the size of the yard, or the amount of waste produced by your dog’s calls for a rate increase or reduction.

One-time clean pricing is determined by the client’s last cleaned time frame selection during the quote process. This price may also change if we determine the amount of waste collected during the initial clean was more than the time frame given.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC will be closed on New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. If the client’s service day falls on one of these holidays the service will be moved to another day within the same week.

Additionally, as a family-owned and operated business, there may be times throughout the year when the business closes for several days due to vacations or family events and emergencies. Every effort will be made to adjust schedules and complete scheduled services during those time frames.

Coastal Pooper Scooper may at times take photos of dogs or of ourselves in yards for use in social media. Great care will be taken to ensure no identifying markers (such as addresses) are present in the photos as to respect client privacy. If you do not wish for your dog’s photo to be taken for use in our social media, kindly let us know and we will ensure that your yard remains photo free.

Bucket Service
If the provided bucket will be kept within a fenced area accessible by dogs, we ask that the dogs be kept indoors unless they are friendly with strangers. An “on the way” text will be sent to the cell phone number provided to ensure dogs can be brought indoors if needed and to notify you of our approximate arrival time.

If within an area that is secured by a lock, then the “Locked Gate” policy listed above applies.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC and its employees agree to provide the service stated in this agreement in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC.

Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.

This agreement, between Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC., and the client, will begin on the date signed and will continue until either party chooses to terminate services. This agreement is not a contract; the client can change, cancel, or suspend services at any time with proper notice.

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