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Owning a dog will undoubtedly bring happiness to your life you didn’t know you could find, but with every positive side of pet ownership, there is a negative, scooping dog poop for example. Scooping is just simply the right thing to do, but if that isn’t a good enough reason consider the environmental impact of animal waste making its way into our water table. What about the tools we use though? How do we (or you) keep these clean to prevent the growth or spread of viruses and bacteria?

For most, removing dog waste from your yard is simply to remove a nuisance and eyesore. There is a much more important reason, which of course is preventing disease and preventing the spread of these to our fresh water and water table where it can easily spread to humans and other animals.

Additionally, imagine stepping in dog waste (we all have). If not cleaned properly you are spreading bacteria and other pathogens into indoor spaces like your home. Not good if you have children at home.

Some items to consider when scooping the poop.

Wear protective clothing such as long pants and gloves. This can prevent inadvertently flinging poop through the air and onto you. A very real possibility in the Myrtle Beach area with all the centipede grass.

Stick to a dedicated set of tools that you only use for scooping poop. Do not use them for gardening or any other outdoor or indoor work. This avoids cross-contamination.

The sooner you scoop, the better. Allowing dog poop to sit for too long gives it time to break down allowing the growth of bacteria, parasites, and other critters like larva. It can also attract smaller animals that feed on whatever may grow. You will also prevent this from seeping into the ground or spreading through rainwater into our streams, rivers, sewer drains, and the ocean.

Leaving the waste in your trash can for trash pickup day? Consider double bagging the waste. You’ll provide an additional layer to keep the smell down, prevent leakage, and prevent something from getting in, or out.

SANITIZE your equipment. After each use, you should be cleaning your tools to prevent the spread of bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Especially important if the tool gets used for multiple yards or dogs.

What should you sanitize with?

Generally, a bleach solution will work well to disinfect and kill various bacteria and viruses. You could also consider a vinegar solution or alcohol-based sanitizer.

However, your best bet is a commercial-grade AND pet-safe disinfectant. There are numerous options available through your local pet stores or online. These disinfectants focus specifically on animal-based viruses, parasites, and diseases as they are often used in kennels and doggy daycare facilities.

So that’s the scoop on sanitizing, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the yard is cleaned up regularly. If you’re a property manager the same applies, you just have to babysit all the dog parents and enforce the rule. Be a good human and pick up after your pets. Using the advice above you can ensure you’ll clean up after your pets in a safe and sanitary manner. Let’s all work together to reduce the spread of pet waste-related illnesses and work to keep our Grand Strand area waterways clean and free from as much filth as possible.

Lastly, you could always hire us, Coastal Pooper Scooper, LLC for all your Myrtle Beach area dog waste needs in any outdoor space. We ensure clean equipment, and we have options available to meet most needs. You won’t need to see the poop, touch the poop, or smell the poop because Coastal Pooper Scooper will scoop it and remove it.

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